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El Salvador students learn about bitcoin


El Salvador students learn about bitcoin

Although El Salvador's portfolio fell to 60%

the state is pushing its youth towards adopting cryptocurrency.

In a recent video

it can be seen that students in a class in El Salvador are taught about bitcoin.

El Salvador's efforts to normalize encryption among growing youth can drive collective adoption when students become tax-paying citizens of the country.

A teacher from El Salvador taught his students how to access the leading cryptocurrency as part of the school's 10-week curriculum.

To demonstrate in practice how bitcoin is received through the decentralized network, Lightening Network.

In addition :

El Salvador plans to replicate the bitcoin curriculum in other schools around the world.

The teacher asserts that before making transactions

they educate their class about basic concepts to avoid any unfortunate incidents.

Students also receive classes on various topics related to encryption including contract, double spending and halfingbitcoin.

A El Salvador-based educational project

  1. My First Bitcoin, claimed to
  2. have taught more than 10,000 students
  3. about cryptocurrency in 2022.

Moreover :

it expects to educate another 250,000 students in

2023 and improve access by 25 times.

In 2021 :

bitcoin was accepted as legal currency in

El Salvador under President Najib Bukele's regime.

Since then

the state has taken several measures to promote the adoption of bitcoin among its audiences, including announcements to build a tax-free city of bitcoin on income and property in November.

In November

  • President Bukele launched the Bitcoin Office to
  • sponsor all projects focused on encryption
  • and empowering meetings between the President

and individuals regarding Bitcoin and blockchain integration in countries.

However :

it has been reported that while the country currently owns 2,458 bitcoins

El Salvador's portfolio fell 61.82% in bitcoin holdings along with a loss of $67 million.

Students should also exercise caution

and scrutiny over the information they get about bitcoin

helping them distinguish between accurate and inaccurate information.

Students should be aware that all cryptocurrencies

including bitcoin

have a low level of security and stability, and different cryptocurrencies can receive financial damages as a result of changes.

Ultimately :

learning students about bitcoin and other digital currencies is one of the most important tasks they should do in the current digital age.

Cryptocurrencies can help users deal with financial transactions

Bitcoin is a digital currency that operates on

the global digital currency system known as the blockchain.

Bitcoin is one of the most important cryptocurrencies operating in the current world and is one of the best tools that enables users to handle cryptocurrencies and related financial transactions.

Students can learn about Bitcoin through research

  • and study incorporated into their study subjects.
  • Students can learn about bitcoin's work system
  • and how it works, as well as key concepts that support currency

such as encryption and mining.

  1. Students can also learn about how to
  2. use bitcoin in financial operations
  3. and how to treat it as a currency for profit.

To learn about Bitcoin, students can use multiple sources

such as websites that provide multiple currency information and lessons

as well as forums and communities that bring together users interested in Bitcoin Wei